CEO Message

All of us who work with Sherry FitzGerald know that we operate in an industry that doesn't always enjoy the best perception in terms of competence and integrity. Since the foundation of the company in 1982, we have had a clear sense of purpose - to improve the norm and to make a difference to our clients' lives.

Mark FitzGerald Executive Chairman

 Mark FitzGerald, Chairman & Chief Executive

Indeed, when involved in a career that isn’t universally popular, it is essential to adopt an approach that is different from the norm, in order to be successful and make a difference.

We have always been innovative and commercially ambitious, while keeping the company’s ethics at the very heart of all that we do.

On a personal note, my own fascination with property began as a 10 year old boy when I discovered a 1926 Thom’s Dublin Street Directory on the shelves of my father’s study.  It was the discovery of this old directory that triggered my fascination with people and buildings in which they lived and worked.  Today, I still treasure the same directory as it led me to a job and a way of life that, despite the stresses and strains of the modern world, still hold the same allure for me.

We don’t believe that estate agency is about ‘piling them high’ and selling them as cheaply as vendors will agree to.  Our job is to maximise the price for our clients, irrespective of the time and effort that takes us.  It’s also about being fair to other consumers who are seeking to do business with our clients.

We don’t deny that, like all businesses, we need to make a profit, but believe in the mantra of the late Bill Hewlett of Hewlett Packard – “profits are like oxygen and blood, you need them but they’re not an end in themselves”.

We are an evolving and growing organisation with one clear aim – to keep improving on what we do.  It is the philosophy of our service that people, as individuals, count.

To help us deliver the service for which we strive, we need to hear from you.  It’s always nice to learn about the things we do right but it’s also important to hear about the things that we could do better.