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Life & Pension Advice

Deciding what the appropriate cover is for you and your family is a complex process. If you are looking for Mortgage Protection, Family Protection, Serious Illness or Income protection cover, Sherry FitzGerald Financial Services is here to guide you through the options, plan types and the underwriting process.  We compare the market and help you choose the right plan for you.

Life and Serious Illness Cover

The purpose of life and serious illness cover is to provide your family with a lump sum or additional income and financial security in the event of your untimely death, the diagnosis of a serious illness or you being unable to work through illness or accident.

In the event of your untimely death, illness or accident your income could suddenly end, how would you or your family cope financially?

A tailored life and Serious Illness plan could help protect you and your family financially and in the event of a serious illness could give you the time to recover and may help goes towards the provision of additional specialist treatment.

As we deal with all the major insurance companies we will be able to find you the most competitive and suitable policy to protect you and your family.


A pension is simply a long term savings plan which is designed to give you an income when you stop working or retire. Anyone who earns an income is eligible to effect a Pension and Substantial Tax reliefs apply to contributions up to 41%. Getting started is easier that you think and contributions can commence from as little as €60 per month.

Your pension plan is managed for you by a life assurance company or investment firm, where you will have a significant choice of where your funds are to be invested. You can choose the level of risk you wish to take with your funds and can place them in a vast range of funds from deposits or cash funds to managed funds and even in some cases choose your own investments like specific stocks or even a property (subject to criteria).

There are a many different types of plans available, and as we work with all the major providers we will help you find the right option for you. We help Employers looking to set up group scheme for employees or employees / individuals looking to set up a pension on their own.

Plan Types


Personal Retirement Savings Account is your own personal ‘account’. You control how much you pay in and where your money is invested. You may stop / start payments as you wish. You may even set this up so contributions are paid directly from your salary.

Personal Pension

Similar to PRSA but traditionally aimed at Self employed, gives more choice of investments.

Group Pensions

Your employer may operate an employee scheme that pays into a pension for you every month. If you don’t feel this is adequate you may be able to supplement this with your own personal pension or AVC (additional voluntary contributions) (subject to revenue limits).

Executive Pension

Aimed at Directors and Business owners who can use the money in the business to fund for their retirement. Generous Tax Benefits apply.

Self Directed and Self Administered

These types of plans are suited for those who really want control of their funds. You control where the funds are invested and you can elect to purchase shares, property, deposits all under one plan.