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Keep up with the Joneses

Take a look at the front approach to your property. How does it compare with other properties on the street? Be honest. Make sure your home looks inviting and that it has 'kerb appeal'.

Garden Flower

Buy a yard brush

Make sure your garden or patio area is tidy.  Sweep up leaves and debris, weed those beds, mow that lawn and clip that hedge.  Clean terraces, decking, steps, sheds and garden furniture.  Remove unsightly and slippery moss.  A table and chairs in a small area can add an extra dimension to your property.

Tackle the shed

Garages, sheds and greenhouses - say hello to your nearest recycling centre and clear out those dumping grounds for clutter.  And while you're at it, oil those squeaky hinges!


Add it to your garden in the Summer.  In Winter, use plant pots with hardy, variegated evergreens and flowering shrubs.  Plant containers with bulbs in the Autumn for a colourful display if you're selling in the Spring. If you haven't thought this far ahead, get some from your local garden centre. A couple of large plants look very impressive on patios and terraces.