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11th January 2017

Light Exposure

By Sherry FitzGerald.




At the end of the day it’s all down to the right lighting. You can spend a fortune on soft furnishings and flooring, rich wall coverings and accent pieces but if you get your lighting wrong then the fabric of your design won’t successfully gel. Dynamic lighting as any interior designer will tell you is the finishing touch - the last piece of the jigsaw. Let’s face it, with clever lighting even the most aesthetically challenged space can be elevated to a different level – but we’re not talking disguise here we’re talking complementary intervention!


 (Dartry Lodge, Dartry, Dublin 6 - Click the image for more information)



Each room in your home says something different about the people who live in it, so take a good look around and decide on the mood you are trying to create in that space. If it’s a place to tuck up with a good book and mug of coffee then your focus should be on overhead reading lights dotted around on stands behind your seating area that with the flick of a switch will flood your reading material with directional light rather than relying on harsh intrusive overhead lighting.


 (Hazelbrook Square, Churchtown, Dublin 14 - Click the image for more information)




If subtle lighting doesn’t appeal then go for the show-stopper of all show-stoppers – a chandelier.  In period homes the ideal location would be in the entrance hall and in your two reception rooms, with their beautiful tall ceilings you can afford to be slightly more flamboyant in both the size and elaborateness of your choice.  The same usually cannot be said for a more modern home where a larger piece may take over the room and look out of place against its more modern counterparts!


 (Park View, 5 Park Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin - Click the image for more information)




There’s a reason why soft lighting is so popular in our homes so if you’re not in love with the beams of a Super Trooper lighting arrangement then this might be the look for you. Certainly the more flattering option for your guests, the soft glow from a few carefully positioned low voltage lamps will provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening.  Opt for shades of pale gold and rich creams that will allow the light to gently radiate.


 (Stepaside Park, Stepaside, Dublin 18 - Click the image for more information)



Make your lighting work for you on two levels, whilst the light function is the most important task it needs to fulfill, the artistry that goes into the design that houses your light source is often a cause for celebration. Embracing our natural environment some of today’s designers have turned to nature for inspiration creating stunning functional works encased in wood.  Others have explored the joys of metal making their design not only functional but also a stunning focal point to enhance any home.

North Georges

 (49 North Great Georges Street, Dublin 1- Click the image for more information)


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