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1st November 2017

Rug Rules

By Sherry FitzGerald.



When it comes to interior design there are very few elements that you can incorporate into your home without careful thought and a certain degree of planning. Nothing is ever as simple as it looks and so when it comes to choosing a rug for your living space there are a few rules to consider if you want to get it right. Not simply a matter of choosing a complementary shade to coordinate with or to enhance existing furnishings - no - there’s a lot more to it than that!

Mount Alverno

(Mount Alverno, Sorrento Road, Dalkey - Click here for more information)


There are a few schools of thought as to the correct size your rug should be. A popular view is that it should be big enough to fit under the front legs of your sofa and armchairs so that it links all your furniture in a communal area.  When using a rug in a dining area the rule is to leave at least 24 inches of rug from the outer rim of your dining table so that when the table is in use and chairs are pulled back, you will have enough surrounding rug to accommodate this.

Liss Ard Estate

(Liss Ard Estate, Skibbereen, Co. Cork - Click here for more information)


For many years, particularly in period homes and before carpets became the norm, standard practice was to have a statement rug in your reception room. This would be big enough to accommodate all your furniture while at the same time allowing for 18 inches of exposed wooden flooring around its perimeter, usually painted black. In today’s modern homes this rule can look just as striking on a natural wooden, unpainted and polished floor. Think bold and make your rug a statement piece, the larger the room the bolder the pattern!

2 Bayswater

(2 Bayswater Terrace, Sandycove - Click here for more information)


If you have a large living space, break it up into different zones, this is where rugs can really come into their own. Use different sized shape and patterned rugs to give each zone a definition and sense of purpose. This way you can create a sense of separation for different parts of your room without the need for walls or partitioning.

49 Oakley Road, Ranelagh

(49 Oakley Road, Ranelagh - Click here for more information)


Polished wooden flooring looks amazing in any home, but it can have its drawbacks, especially on stairways and in overhead rooms where noise can quickly become an issue. To offset this problem and still enjoy your natural flooring, use hall rug and stair runners which will leave a few inches of exposed wood on either side.  This ensures that all important protection for your wood while at the same time looking smart and contemporary, but most importantly they will provide a soundproof barrier in busy homes where footfall is a constant!


(Giverny, Marino Avenue East, Killiney - Click here for more information)

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