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8th November 2017

Home Fires

By Sherry FitzGerald.



During this cold snap we’re currently experiencing it’s natural for our thoughts to turn to home heating and all things warm and cosy. While radiators play their part in ensuring our homes are a haven of warmth in any given location, there’s nothing quite like the flickering flame of a fire to really make us want to sit down and bask in that amber glow!

26 Mountpleasant

(26 Mountpleasant Square, Ranelagh, D6 - Click here for more information)


A room that moments before seemed as cold and unyielding as the weather outside, takes on a whole new personality once the fire is lit. With so many options available to you for instant warmth in attractive surrounds you can transform any room with the simple flick of a switch. Whether you’re a traditionalist or lean towards a more contemporary look the choices abound as to the style and feel you want to create in your home.

12 Churchfield

(12 Churchfield, 59/60 Clontarf Road, D3 - Click here for more information)


Convenience, while very tempting, doesn’t suit everyone. There are those among us who coming home after a long day in the office won’t baulk at the idea of starting a fire from scratch. Yes, it takes a lot more time to set a fire and even more time for it to take off and start emanating heat. But at the end of the day few could argue that sitting in front of a real fire is hard to beat in terms of radiating heat, comfort and the sheer pleasure of watching those dancing flames.


(Emsworth, Malahide Road - Click here for more information)


From gas to electric, solid fuel to wood burning stoves, your fire will be the focal point of any room, adding symmetry and instant appeal, so choosing the fire that best suits your needs is important. Not only does it need to look aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to function efficiently and be able to provide you with enough heat to fill your living space. Heat output should be top of your priority, it’s estimated that 1KW of heat output will heat 14 cubic metres of space. To calculate this figure, measure the length, breadth and height of your room and multiply the three figures together.

Westfield House

(Westfield House, Ballybride Road, Rathmichael - Click here for more information)


So with all the practical considerations out of the way and with your new fireplace carefully installed by a registered professional, it’s time to sit back and relax and let nature do her worst outside, safe in the knowledge that your home is  a haven of warmth and comfort!

9 Ard Chuain

(9 Ard Chuain, Church Hill, Passage West, Co. Cork - Click here for more information)

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