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15th November 2017

Top Tips in Interior Lighting

By Sherry FitzGerald.



As natural light starts to fade and the evenings begin to close in, it’s never been more important to get our interior lighting right so that our homes continue to glow with a welcoming ambiance. Lighting can be used in many different ways to enhance or highlight certain areas, depending on how that space is likely to be utilised. It’s all about identifying the purpose of a living area and deciding whether it will be exclusively designated to relaxation, a high task zone or a combination of both!

Overton, 65 Grange Road, Rathfarnham

(Overton, 65 Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 - Click here for more details)


Always useful in both kitchens and bathrooms where lighting needs to be bright enough so that you can work effectively at the task in hand, either with directional overhead lighting or under cupboard task lighting that will light up your countertops. In living rooms approach task lighting by designating certain areas for reading and place lamps strategically to accommodate this function. This is an area where you can add multiple lighting, side lamps for ambiance, overhead lights for practicality, upright lamps for added illumination and they can all work perfectly well together alongside your task lighting.


(4 Beechwood Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 - Click here for more information)


Use your lighting to dual effect, not only as a light source but also as an important interior design statement.  By choosing low hung light pendants over a work station or breakfast area, you are introducing an illusion of height to your room, particularly in an area where the ceiling is low. Gather together groupings of small to medium lamps for a distinctive glow that will add warmth to any space.

41 Thorndale

(41 Thorndale, Delgany, Co. Wicklow - Click here for more information)


Bring a light challenged hallway to life with the soft glow of a well-placed lamp, bright enough to light the way but not so bright that it has the opposite effect to creating a cosy environment. That welcoming glow you see through the hall window or door as you approach your home never fails to exude warmth.

26 Mountpleasant

(26 Mountpleasant Square, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 - Click here for more information)


Add under lighting to pictures and framed photographs on your walls to highlight your prized artwork while at the same time creating ambient illumination, use the same approach for areas of architectural merit. Floor level lighting popular on stairwells is not only practical but looks great in any contemporary home.

Chatswood, Saval Park Road, Dalkey

(Chatswood, Saval Park Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin - Click here for more information)


This is the one area where careful thought and planning needs to be implemented, you’re setting a stage for a dining experience that you want your guests to enjoy. Harsh overhead lighting is not conducive to an intimate evening of talking and laughter so think walls lights with a dimming switch that can be controlled to suit the evening. Soft lighting which is flattering on your guests sets the tone for the meal ahead, the addition of candles and tea lights gives it that finishing touch!

18 Lower Baggot Street

(17/18, 18 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 - Click here for more information)

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