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22nd November 2017

Go Bold With Patterns

By Sherry FitzGerald.



As the season to be jolly fast approaches let’s take a moment to not only enjoy ‘decking the halls’  with flamboyant festive cheer in terms of our interior decoration, but it’s also a time when you can throw caution to the wind and have a little fun ramping up the style stakes when it comes to your home interiors. With the mantra of less is more soundly out of the window, feel free to express your inner bling and love of all things bold and dramatic to create a home that really shouts personality!

26 Mountpleasant

(26 Mountpleasant Square, Ranelagh, D6 - Click here for more information)


Decide on what your bold statement piece will be, either through your flooring, a piece of furniture or perhaps a feature wall, focus in on which colours and patterns work best and why? Reflect those tones and shapes through your smaller soft furnishings, lighting arrangements, art work and comforting throws which embody the look you are trying to create. The result will help to bring a cohesive  feel to your living space.

Chatswood, Saval Park Road, Dalkey

(Chatswood, Saval Park Road, Dalkey - Click here for more information)  


Allow your dramatic expressions to shine by keeping your backdrop colour scheme as neutral as possible which will  allow your patterns to do their work and blend against a background of neutrality. Contrasting patterns sit happily together when they  don’t have to fight to be noticed. Like a blank canvas your focus should be on making the important elements of your design stand out.

32 Zion Rd

(32 Zion Road, Rathgar, D6 - Click here for more information)


The general rule when working with large patterns is to work in groups of three sizes. - think small, medium and large. Group your choices together and don’t be afraid to opt for three different designs Position your larger design in an area of space that can accommodate its impact, such as your floor covering, or if it’s a piece of art leave enough blank space around it so that your living space doesn’t appear cluttered. Your medium style can often work best in your choice of furniture leaving your smaller patterns to take up the soft furnishing role!

2 Bayswater

(2 Bayswater Terrace, Sandycove - Click here for more information)


The aim isn’t to just go wild with pattern in the hope that it will all just work as you’ll probably end up with a chaotic finish that just won’t look quite right. So focus on your one feature piece and take your lead from that, remembering that everything needs to connect to this strong focal point  to make less prominent style statements work. Once you have established the anchor for your room everything else will flow naturally from that.

40 Carysfort

(40 Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock - Click here for more information)


The thing about bold patterns is that one fit doesn’t necessarily suit all, there are no hard or fast rules when it comes to personal choice, especially when it comes to making strong statements. If it works for you and you are happy with the end result, then that’s all that matters. The key to bringing this look together is that touch of control and a confidence to know how to transform something bold into something beautiful!


(Emsworth, Malahide Road - Click here for more information)

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