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30th November 2017

Splashback Style

By Sherry FitzGerald.



A kitchen splashback might not be high up on your radar when it comes to interior design but don’t underestimate its value. The humble splashback has the power to transform your kitchen and turn a jaded room into a style statement at relatively little cost. By updating your existing splashback you can add instant appeal which will make your kitchen seem fresh and given a new lease of life.

With so any options to choose from there’s no reason why you can’t add the wow factor back into your home, especially at this time of year when, let’s face it - you’ll be spending an awful lot of time in there!


( 57a & 57b Leeson Park, Dublin 6 - Click here for more information)



In a neutral space where tones all tend to blend and tiles, floors and kitchen units almost merge into the background, it’s probably time to add a little personality. By choosing a contrasting colour for your splashback  it will make it a feature in your kitchen - think stark as in black against white or a more subtle approach would be a deeper complementary shade to your existing colour scheme - deep sage against cream is always a winner, or a deep red against a neutral backdrop will make your any kitchen shine.

171 fortfield

 ( 171 Fortfield Road, Terenure, Dublin 6W - Click here for more information)


If conformity isn’t your thing then introduce some fun into your kitchen by selecting a splashback made up of colourful tiles to turn your current design from contemporary to eclectic. Nothing shouts personality more than a pop of unexpected colour adorning the heart of the kitchen, your cooking area where meals are prepared and friends and family gather together to enjoy a festive feast. Don’t limit yourself to colour though, you can create drama with design and texture just as easily with the brave use of stylised tiles that will introduce that modern feel in a more subtle but equally effective way.

42 longwood

( 42 Longwood Ave, Portobello, Dublin 8 - Click here for more information)



Metallics in a kitchen can really marry the essential elements of a functioning work space. While stainless steel and copper have happily worked alongside traditional kitchen credentials and utensils, now the trend is leaning more towards more muted tones. Silver is the go to precious metal of choice in today’s modern kitchen, with new treatments and finishes being introduced all the time. Choose from frosted, distressed or an antique finish to give your home that modern twist.

Ballinacoola, New Ross, Co. Wexford

(Ballinacoola, New Ross, Co.Wexford - Click here for more information)



Toughened glass as your backdrop can embrace a multitude of options for your splashback, choose a piece of favourite art or a special photograph to liven up your cooking space. Make it as personal as you want, safe in the knowledge that your favoured artefacts or memories are safely ensconced behind the safety of a protective shield! It’s a great way to add definition and character to your home while at the same time adding that personal touch.

South Cliff, Sidmonton Road, Greystones, Co.Wicklow( South Cliff, Sidmonton Road, Greystones, Co.Wicklow - Click here for more information)



You’ll never go wrong by incorporating a mirrored splashback into your kitchen, it’s a timeless classic that will really add that modern feel to your room and it appears to never go out of date, as popular today as when it was first introduced. A cautionary note - with beauty there comes pain - as sparkling as its reflective surfaces undeniably are, they also tend to attract and certainly highlight unsightly splashes from your many culinary endeavours! They will also reflect what’s happening behind you and do you really want to be reminded of the washing up that’s building up as you prepare to create your next culinary delight??


( Ellerslie, 46 Temple Road, Dartry, Dublin 6 - Click here for more information)

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