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24th January 2018

Underfloor Heating

By Sherry FitzGerald.



Imagine the luxury of being able to pad barefoot around your bathroom or kitchen floor without the icy chill of a cold tile or wooden flooring underfoot. The ultimate option in home heating has to be underfloor heating where you can maintain a steady moderate temperature that will keep your home warm and cosy in an energy efficient way. Not only is it out of sight and out of mind but it also has the added bonus of freeing up wall space which would normally be used to hang radiators, which while they have come a long way in the style stakes still aren’t the most attractive element of your home interior!

40 Frankfort

(40 Frankfort Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin 6 -  Click here for more information)


Unlike conventional radiator heat which is intense and effective the closer you are to the source of heat, underfloor heating has the advantage of keeping the whole room at an even temperature so that you don’t have some areas cooler than others. But for effective heat management you need to ensure that your surface area, in other words, your choice of flooring will be a good conductor of heat as some materials will be more efficient at radiating and retaining heat.


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It can sound like an expensive process when you consider what’s involved in the installation but you don’t have to do the whole house, simply decide on which rooms would benefit most from underfloor heating and take it one room at a time. A living space with existing carpet will probably feel a lot cosier than a room with flagstones or tiles so address the colder rooms first and you’ll soon be on your way to creating a comfortable warm living zone.

4 Talbot

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You want your heat to radiate upwards so good insulation underneath your heating system will ensure that you will get the full benefit of your underfloor heating. Good insulation throughout your home will also enhance your energy saving costs as it’s estimated underfloor heating could save you up to 15% on your heating bills as it runs at a lower level of energy.

22 Lower Albert

(22 Lower Albert Road, Sandycove, Co Dublin -  Click here for more information)


Regardless of whether you are opting for a whole home installation or simply your room of choice, you need to have a good thermostat system in place so that you can control the amount and level of heat you want. By maintaining a low temperature for certain parts of the day or night will mean that you can enjoy the benefit of heating more efficiently as when you turn the thermostat up it will be raising the temperature from an already heated base which means you get to enjoy added warmth much more quickly!

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