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6th March 2018

Sunroom Style

By Sherry FitzGerald.



As the snow slowly starts to disappear it’s time to turn our thoughts to more positive matters and remember that spring is on the way bringing with it much welcome blue skies and dare we say it – sunshine? So, in anticipation of this positive seasonal change maybe it’s time to consider the option of adding a sunroom to your home. A place to retreat to where you can bask in the warming rays of sunlight while at the same time adding extra living space which is always a bonus!


( Willowdale, 24 Orwell Park, Rathgar - Click here for more information)


Unlike a conservatory which is made primarily of glass, making it a no-go area during winter due to the chill factor, a sunroom has a solid roof with large window panels and sliding or bi-folding doors. These doors mean your sunroom can be transformed during a sunny spell into an extension of your garden. It can also be linked up with your existing home heating system making it a viable year- long living space.

8 ailes

( 8 Ailesbury Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 - Click here  for more information )



This bright and airy additional space can be used for a range of options, from dining room to home office, family lounge, children’s play area, yoga studio or music room. The latter providing much needed insulation perhaps during the early learning days of your child’s musical instrument of choice! Planning permission if needed will depend on the size of your structure but your installation provider should be able to guide you on that.

10 richmond

( 10 Richmond Place, Ranelagh - Click here  for more information)



Sunrooms are the perfect thriving ground for houseplants due to their efficiency in attracting any available natural light and sunshine. Typically attached to a wall of your existing home, the addition of plants will provide a natural connection between your garden by linking the outside with the inside. Not only will your plants be aesthetically attractive but they are also fulfilling an important role in your home giving a flow to your home.

99 mt merrion

( 99 Mount Merrion Avenue, Blackrock - Click here  for more information)



With all that natural light flooding in the need for electricity should be reduced as will your heating bills because heat from available sunlight will be retained. There’s also the potential that the addition of extra living space could add value to your home when the time comes to bring it to the market. Then there are the health benefits of your sunroom, exposure to sunlight even through glass is thought to be a good stress reliever and mood enhancer. Now all you need is for the sun to play ball – you may have to wait awhile though!


( Hersil, Knocklylon Road, Dublin 16 - Click here  for more information)

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