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27th March 2018

Pastel Palette

By Sherry FitzGerald.



Now that we are all enjoying an extra hour of daylight it’s time to turn our attention to fresh seasonal interior colour schemes. At this time of year, a pastel palette is always a welcome addition to any home with their optimistic hues bringing with them the promise of warmer temperatures on the horizon. Think shades of ice cream and sherbet, soft, pale, cheerful colours and you’re ready to embrace pastel!


(Emsworth, Malahide Road, Dublin - Click here  for more information) 


To make your pastel shades really shine contrast them against crisp white walls and ceilings that will allow the softness of colour to add that touch of warmth while at the same time retaining a modern contemporary feel. Pastel doesn’t have to be confined to the usual spring palette of powder yellow, pink and blue, there’s a pastel variation for every conceivable shade so if grey is more in keeping with your current interior style, think of dove grey as an option.


(Druantia, 43c Woodlands Park, Blackrock - Click here for more information) 


There’s something about unobtrusive colour that emanates a feeling of wellbeing and warmth. If it’s the feel-good factor you want then you’re on the right track with these gentle colours in your home. A long recognised trait in interior design is the power to instil a feeling of relaxation and calm with the use of pastels, which means their popularity will never wane, especially at this time of year!


(Saintbury House, Killiney Hill Road - Click here  for more information) 



Light coloured natural wood such as oak, beech and maple make the perfect match for soft interior shading allowing your living space to blend effortlessly together. Introduce it through your choice of wood flooring or furniture to create a look that’s both modern and fresh.  The addition of houseplants will further enhance this interior look which will not only be aesthetically pleasing but it is also claimed that they will bring health benefits to your home!masters

(The Old School Masters House, Clonakility - Click here for more information) 



If you don’t want to go ahead with these seasonal hues on a large-scale then you can still enjoy the therapeutic benefits through your choice of soft furnishings and display items. A few simple changes will alter the look and feel of your home - paint photo and picture frames in pastel shades and replace existing cushions with their powder coloured counterparts. Cover furniture with throws and brighten display areas with coloured candles and fresh flowers all from the pastel palette. Changing your curtains to complement your choices will help to bring a cohesive feel to your space for you to sit back and enjoy!

sainbury 1

(Saintbury House, Killiney Hill Road - Click here for more information) 





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