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9th May 2018

Holiday Homes

By Sherry FitzGerald.



A home away from home, what could be nicer? Somewhere to escape to at the weekend and over the summer holidays sounds like the perfect plan, but there are practicalities to be aware of before we let our heart rule our head. That picture-perfect cottage on the water’s edge may seem like the ideal location but if the commute is going to be problematic then the charm will almost certainly rub off before too long and your enjoyment will diminish as will your visits! So, before you embark on your search take a moment to consider the factors that could make all the difference when choosing your dream bolthole.


(Urhan, Eyeries, Beara, Co Cork- Click here for more information) 


Assess the practicalities, how long are you prepared to travel? Ideally two hours should be the maximum to make it a viable prospect so look at locations within that time span and confine your search to those areas. What you want is to arrive in a relaxed state after a relatively short drive to set the scene for an enjoyable break so the last thing you need is an endurance test in terms of travel before you get there. With so many tempting properties on the market, it’s going to be hard to restrict yourself, but it’s worth setting boundaries so you don’t make an expensive mistake.


(Hillcrest, Knockahone, Barntown, Co Wexford - Click here for more information) 

Having your own holiday home means that you can stock up on life’s essentials and leave your cupboards stocked and freezer full so that when you arrive aside from milk and perishables you’ll be good to go which is a big plus! Also being able to leave behind personal items like books, music, clothes and bed linen means you truly can create a home from home in turnkey condition which sets the right tone for your relaxing break away from your normal routine. Also having your own catering facilities can save a fortune on eating out which is the norm if you’re staying in hotels or a guest house.


(Rosbeg, Westport, Co Mayo- Click here for more information) 

If you love it, chances are other people will love it too so when you’re not using it why not consider renting it out. It’s a great way of earning extra income that could go a long way to covering running costs and overhead expenses that come with owning a second home. It’s also a good opportunity to keep your holiday home aired and feeling lived in, there’s also the added bonus of being alerted to any problems that may have arisen in your absence.


(Kilshalvey House, Gortmore, Banteer, Co.Cork - Click here for more information) 


By choosing a holiday with a short commute, you’re much more likely to end up using it on a regular basis and randomly deciding when you want to go there. What could be nicer than if the weather is looking good for the weekend than deciding on a whim to jump into the car and head off in search of relaxation! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

(Oak Lodge, Sheen River, Gearhadiveen, Kenmare, Co Kerry - Click here for more information)
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