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1st June 2016

The Great Outdoors

By Sherry FitzGerald .



The days may be numbered and few but when you do get a chance to enjoy a lovely day in your garden you want your surrounds to be aesthetically pleasing! To ensure that when the sun does arrive everything is in place to enjoy its welcome rays a little forward planning will go a long way.

Burren House

(Burren House, Kilbrittain, Co. Cork, click the image for further details)


At this time of year hedging, grass and weeds tend to have a mind of their own with bursts of abundant growth that can soon have your outdoor space looking unruly and unkempt. To maintain a sense of order this needs to be tended to weekly so that you can keep everything in check and show nature who is in control!


(Kenure, Westminster Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18, click the image for further details) 


You don’t need a large garden or outdoor area in order to create a designated dining or lounging space. With a modest investment you can make a difference on how you enjoy your available space. The addition of a small paving or decking area creates a zone with a purpose that’s there for you to enjoy a morning coffee or late afternoon tea depending on when the sun is in your garden.

45 Clarence Mangan

(45 Clarence Mangan Road, Dublin 8, click the image for further details)


If you are fortunate enough to have the space that can accommodate the creation of two zones the large choice of outdoor furniture can bring a whole new dimension to your space. You can have one zone for dining and the other for lounging around with an outdoor sofa and coffee table – Sunday morning papers just got a whole lot more pleasurable to read!


(Beechcroft, Ballyman Road, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, click the image for further details)


There are numerous options to get you over the problem of less than attractive surrounding walls – if breezeblock doesn’t float your boat a couple of layers of masonry paint can be the perfect disguise. For a less immediate option, add a couple of trellis and train plants to grow up them – a climbing rose or clematis will create the ideal botanic solution.

24 Stillorgan Park

(24 Stillorgan Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, click the image for further details)


The easiest and most versatile way to add colour and interest to your garden is to plant a big explosion of trailing flowers in a few containers.  By using containers you can move them around between your designated zones when the need arises to add instant charm – equally plants that don’t like direct sunlight can be moved to less illuminated spots.

61 Carysfort Downs

(61 Carysfort Downs, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, click the image for further details)


Add the finishing touches with a few well-placed LED garden lights, they add immediate ambiance on a warm summer evening as they flicker on and create a soft warm glow to enhance proceedings – now all you need is a corkscrew and you’re all set!

Roxbury House(Roxbury House, Termonfeckin, Drogheda, Co. Louth, click the image for further details)

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