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Check out what's new in kitchen design. New doors don't have to be expensive. Simply changing handles is a cheap way to give kitchen units a lift. Choose handles that are similar in size and shape to your existing ones to save you having to fill and sand holes. Fix any broken tiles.


Kitchens should smell fresh and clean.  Even with extractor fans, kitchens can harbour odours.


Remove all evidence of pets. Put bowls, beds and toys out of sight. Never have pets in the kitchen when showing your home.

Hot dinners and smells

Keep your cooking bland if you have viewings planned.  Famously, baking bread and brewing coffee before the doorbell rings does not enhance the sale ability of your property, even if it does create a homely atmosphere.

Wash day

Don't run appliances during a viewing.  You want to create an impression of calm and style - not the humdrum of housework.

Clean lines

Just how clean is your kitchen?  Run your fingers over the surfaces to feel for stickiness or grease.  Make sure units are spotless, inside and out,  Keep surfaces as clear as possible.  Put anything away that you do not use daily.  It will be easier to keep clean this way.

Casual dining

If your kitchen is large enough, make sure there's a table and seating there - even if you also have a separate dining room. An extra eating area adds value.