Going Green


"A company that only makes money is a poor company". - Henry Ford.

We believe in this mantra and we commit to running our businesses fairly by utilising our time and resources in helping to contribute towards a better world. We have a way to go but we've made a start to be a greener company. Here are just some of the initiatives that we have introduced recently:

  • The significant volume of paper used in our property brochures and City & Country magazine comes from managed forests. This means that trees are replanted after harvesting and the forests are maintained as habitats for wild animals and plants.
  • Our considerable volume of market reports are now distributed online as e-reports rather than printing hard copies.
  • Recycle bins introduced in all branches.
  • In order to reduce our carbon footprint all company PC's are powered down at night, to eliminate the energy consumption from being in sleep mode.
  • We have fully embraced the 'Cycle to Work' initiative, encouraging our employees to be healthier and helping to reduce congestion and pollution.

Do you have a suggestion as to how we might become a greener company?
We'd love to hear from you.

Email goinggreen@sherryfitz.ie