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They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When you are selling your house, making a first impression is essential. Consequently, if a person is inspired when they visit your property, they are far more likely to have a higher opinion of its value. The smallest of changes can make a huge difference – and maximise its impact. And it needn’t cost a fortune. There are dozens of tips, starting before your visitors even get to your door.


Making that first impression

Keep up with the Joneses

It’s called ‘kerb appeal’. Making your house look impressive, before they open the gate. Here, above all, honesty pays. Does next door really look more inviting?

Buy a Yard Brush

Make sure your garden or patio area is tidy. Sweep up leaves and debris, weed those beds, mow that lawn and clip that hedge. Clean terraces, decking, steps, sheds and garden furniture. Remove unsightly and slippery moss. Finally, a table and chairs in a small area can add an extra dimension to your property.

Tackle the Shed

Garages, sheds and greenhouses – say hello to your nearest recycling centre and clear out those dumping grounds for clutter. And furthermore while you are at it, oil those squeaky hinges!


Add it to your garden in the summer. In winter, use plant pots with hardy, variegated evergreens and flowering shrubs. Plant containers with bulbs in the autumn for a colourful display if you are selling in the spring. Also, if you haven’t thought this far ahead, get some from your local garden centre. Most noteworthy  a couple of large plants can look very impressive on patios and terraces.


Living Room – First Impression

Deep Clean

Whatever the time of year, give the house a Spring clean. Certainly have soft furnishings and carpets professionally cleaned; replace worn or badly stained carpets; re-stain shabby wooden floors – or brighten them up with attractive rugs.

Follow the Colour Code

First of all strong colours can sometimes alienate potential buyers. The cost of buyers having to redecorate could undermine the value of your property. Consequently, if necessary, repaint. Choose pale, warm neutral colours, such as cream or off-white.


Choose striking fabrics that tone with the décor for soft furnishings and cushions in living rooms.

Wall Art

Pictures, paintings and mirrors should be hung carefully. Therefore be aware that large pictures dominate small rooms. Similarly dark ones should be avoided in rooms with little natural light. Furthermore family photographs are best removed.

Mood Lighting

Most importantly good lighting is essential in living rooms. Consider replacing dated central pendants with lampshades that show the light bulb with modern fittings. Furthermore, secondary lighting, such as standard or table lamps, can add impact.

Table Manners

If you have a separate dining room, show it with a table and chairs. No need to lay the table for dinner – a bowl or fruit or fresh flowers is enough. Besides that, having one or two books and a quality magazine on a coffee table will certainly add an even more welcoming touch.

TV Guide

Most importantly a television shouldn’t be a focal point for a living room. Keep it in the background.


Kitchen – First Impressions

Kitchen Trends

First of all check out what’s new in kitchen design. New doors don’t have to be expensive. Changing handles is inexpensive and as result is a great way to give kitchen units a lift. Choose ones that are similar in size and shape to your existing ones to save you having to fill and sand holes. Besides that fix any broken tiles.


Remove all evidence of pets. Put bowls, beds and toys out of sight. Never have pets in the kitchen when showing your home.

Smells Like Home

Baking bread and brewing coffee before the doorbell rings creates a homely atmosphere, but it doesn’t necessarily result in increasing the saleability of your property.

Wash Day

Don’t run kitchen appliances during a viewing. You want to create an impression of calm and style – not the humdrum of housework.

Clean Lines

Just how clean is your kitchen? Run your fingers over the surfaces to feel for stickiness or grease. Make sure units are spotless, inside and out. Keep surfaces as clear as possible. Put anything away that you do not use daily. It will be easier to keep clean this way too.

Casual Dining

If your kitchen is large enough, make sure there’s a table and seating there – even if you also have a separate dining room. An extra eating area adds value. 

Bedrooms – First Impression

Bright and Breezy

Most importantly bedroom décor should be all be neutral. Consequently, off-whites, creams and pale yellows have wider appeal than pinks and lilacs.

Fresh and Airy

Dust smells musty. Deep clean bedrooms – and under beds – and open the windows before the viewing.

A Little Luxury

Remove cosmetics, toiletries and personal items. As a result potential purchasers can imagine, they are walking into an elegant hotel room. Comfortable, stylish, yet impersonal. Similarly, bedspreads and large scatter cushions add to the feeling of luxury and as a result make the bedroom more appealing.

Child’s Play

While bedrooms should be as tidy, clean and fresh as possible, certainly don’t be too harsh on your children. Probably best to pack up toys in boxes, and store most of them away – with sensitivity! Furthermore the boxes can be alternated so they play with toys in rotation. Similarly keep teenage posters to a minimum. For an inexpensive, but smart finish, clip-frame them.

Storage Solutions

Above all don’t be fooled. Visitors won’t be too embarrassed to open cupboards. They will want to see what storage space you have – not a jumble of clothes and toys you’ve stashed away at the last minute.

Seduce with Space

Finally, spare bedrooms crammed with boxes and junk are a no-no. Show a spare room as a bedroom looking as attractive as your master bedroom.


Bathrooms – First Impression

Squeaky Clean

Most importantly bathrooms must be pristine. Therefore remove stains from lavatories with caustic soda. Similarly make sure curtains and blinds are dust-free.

Clear Away

If your bathroom is free from clutter, it looks bigger, so above all clear out that cabinet, tidy away day-to-day toiletries – and banish that rubber duck!

Think Tiles

A coloured suite? Consider toning the colour down with white tiles or chrome fittings to modernise the look. Likewise tiling every wall of a small bathroom makes it seem bigger. Think of hotel bathrooms, small, but stylish and generally tiled throughout.

Get It Out

Remove and replace grubby tile grout. If your tiles have seen better days, bleach them. If that doesn’t work, replace them.

Warm Reception

Bathrooms should feel warm. Consider a heated towel rail for a modern edge.

Perfect Reflection

Make sure your bathroom has a good-sized mirror to help reflect light. One or two candles and, (if you have good natural light) a leafy fern will finish the room.

Finishing Touches

Buy a new shower curtain and some new towels and only use them for viewing days.

Seal the Deal

Finally check the sealant around the bath, shower, tray and sink. If it looks less than perfect, replace it. Similarly simple changes like new taps or a new shower head can make a big difference.


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