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Thinking of Selling? Time for a Spring Clean!

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Much as we might hate the idea of decluttering, it does have its merits and benefits on many levels, the question is how to motivate ourselves? It’s not really anyone’s idea of fun, spending your spare time lugging around boxes of unwanted items and trying to decide what stays or goes!


It goes without saying that if you try to tackle your home all at once you’re soon going to run out of steam and put it off for another day, which will probably never arrive. So, the experts in this field recommend that you take a methodical approach and declutter one room or area at a time over the course of several days. This way you won’t become overwhelmed and stand a greater chance of a successful decluttering.


Charity shops rely on the kindness of strangers to donate things they no longer have use for and so instead of holding onto goods that you’ll never use, pass them on. The same goes for your wardrobe, most people are guilty of having clothes they haven’t worn in over a year in the chance that they may one day, which will probably never happen. So, stand firm and be strict with yourself and donate unworn items, think of the joy of locating something with ease once you’ve created some space in your wardrobe!


It won’t come as a surprise to hear that an uncluttered home will be easier to sell than a cluttered one. If the time has come for you to move on to your next home, then it is essential that you present your existing home in the best possible light. This means removing personal items such as family photographs and memorabilia so that when someone is viewing your home, they can imagine their own future life in it. A thorough decluttering will play an important role in a successful sales process.

Clean tidy lines and a sense of order in your home will be appealing to potential purchasers as it will feel calm and inviting. Hallways in particular will need special attention as it will be the first glimpse of your home and you know what they say – first impressions count!

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