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6 easy(ish) ways to add value to your home

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We all like to add value to our homes and when the time comes to selling your house in Donegal you’ll want to ensure you maximise the asking price.

Our estate agents in Letterkenny should be your first stop to get advice as to whether the spend will add sufficient value and help achieve a higher price.

Some steps are cosmetic others are structural but it is always advised to try to balance the here and now investment with any potential returns when you sell.

As a quick rule of thumb, start by making best use of what you already have. There are many steps but here’s our 6 easy(ish) ways of maximising the sale price.

Declutter, declutter, declutter – Research suggests you have seven seconds to make that all important first impression on a potential buyer, so when they come through your door you’ll want to ensure the first impression is the best possible impression. A clean and clutter free house will make your home seem more spacious and inviting. Having your personal belongings strewn across the house will distract would be buyers from seeing the structure and features of your home, and from imagining themselves living in the house.

Knock down a wall – Buyers love space. Consider how you can give your home a more open-plan feel. A simple rethink and redesign of your home’s layout can open a world of possibilities and as long as there are no structural issues with your open planned proposals, cramped and awkward nooks and crannies can quickly become airy and spacious

Fix problems – Another obvious step to take. Focus on the structural before you look at the cosmetic. Problems give buyers leverage and weaken your hand when it comes to the asking price. Get your boundaries verified, fix the leaky shower or leaky roof and replace missing roof tiles etc., asap.

Update the kitchen and upgrade the bathroom – The heartbeat of the home, your kitchen will say a lot to a potential buyer. Their thoughts will turn to cooking up a feast and entertaining family and friends. Many kitchens can be given a revamp and modernisation at little expense. Ensure fittings, equipment and fixtures are modern, that lighting is adequate, and the kitchen is bright, welcoming and spacious, and make sure worktops are cleared of any unnecessary utensils.
The bathroom is the ideal place to add a touch of luxury – upgrade with fluffy towels, and use accessories to add the wow factor.

Central Heating – It may sound obvious but if your home hasn’t got central heating, adding it will be well worth the cost. If you do have central heating, updating it will add much more than its cost and replacing old bulbs with energy saving ones will add to your homes all-important Building Energy Rating (BER).

Up the kerbside appeal – Many buyers will decide before they even get out of their car whether they do or don’t like the property they’re viewing. A beautifully landscaped garden and a spruced up facade adds much more value to your home than you can imagine. First impressions can make or break a deal – so paint those windows and doors, fix that wonky house number and install some garden lighting and furniture, it’ll be well worth it!

We are always here to help and can organise a free market appraisal of your home. Please give us a call on 074 91 22211, email property@sfr.ie or find us on Facebook @sherryfitzgeraldrainey

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