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Simple steps to maximise the value of your home

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Letterkenny house vendors can maximise the value of their homes with a minimum spend on presentation.

Making the most of the main areas of your home by clearing clutter, adding a lick of paint and removing any unsightly additions are all important steps in achieving your target sale price.

All you really have to do is put yourself in the shoes of the viewer and create the feel you would desire to experience during a viewing of your dream home.

Should viewers be inspired by your property, they are much more likely to form a higher opinion of its value. Even the smallest of changes can have enormous significance in maximising the impact. The best news of all is that little changes don’t cost a lot but can yield a huge return in investment for vendors.

We’ve compiled some of the key advice that we give to our clients on the little things that ensure your home is looking its best from the garden to the living room and the kitchen, to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Gardens and outdoors
First impressions count and a garden or drive are the first things viewers will see when they arrive at your property. For that reason your garden/drive should be treated as another room (however large) in your home. The first step should be to ensure the garden is tidy and not overgrown – a quick run with the lawnmower and pulling out any weeds can make a huge difference. Cleaning or power washing your driveway can also really lift a property and give it an extra wow factor. It can also be beneficial to remove any clutter that can be easily shifted such as bins, bikes, balls etc and to add a little colourful garden furniture to maximise the space.

Garden tips for selling a house
Frist impressions really do count.

Living room
Deep clean your living room’s floor, carpets, rugs and soft furnishings. Ensure it is well aired but warm and comfortable – in winter a lit open fire can be very comforting to viewers. Lift any incidental materials lying around such as magazines, books, newspapers, toys, remote controls etc. Maximise the space of your living room by removing or simply repositioning any excessive furnishings. Remove family photos or personal items to encourage viewers to feel at home and imagine living in the space. Ensure your main colours in the living room and throughout the house are neutral while introducing one or two other colours with the addition of rugs or cushions. Limiting the number of colours will avoid creating a cluttered look.

Tips for selling a house
A cozy and welcoming living area where viewers can picture themselves at home is key.

Cleanliness is key in the kitchen. Remove as many items as possible to avoid a cluttered look and maximise space. This means clearing away everything from mobile phone charging cables and cookbooks to dish drainage boards and tea towels. A deep clean which done professionally is always a smart move when putting your home on the market. Fixing little bits and pieces which don’t cost the earth – such as damaged cupboard handles – can also be a good investment. A lick of paint can always help to brighten up the room. If the kitchen is spacious add a dining table – set it away from the wall and place as many chairs as possible around it. This really maximises the space available in the kitchen.
Tips for selling a house

The basic standard for bedrooms is that they should be clean, tidy and well aired. Neutral colours are always best. A good rule of thumb is that it should look like a hotel bedroom with no incidentals lying around. The bed should be made up, the laundry cleared out and shoes tidied away.

Tips for selling a house
The hotel bedroom look is what to aim for.

Bathrooms should be squeaky clean. Smell is vital so use scented candles or incense and smelly soaps to ensure a pleasant odour prevails. Clear out all your rubber ducks and any bits and pieces such as razors, nail clippers etc. Place a fluffy towel on a rail to add an extra air of luxurious comfort.

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