The Mortgage & Purchase Process

  • 1
    Initial Appointment

    When we first meet you we:

    • Identify your unique requirements
    • Provide a clear and simple explanation of any confusing terminology
    • Conduct initial research to create lender shortlist
    • Undertake a market analysis considering:
      • Interest Rates
      • Speed of Processing
      • Financial Strength
      • Customer Service Ethic
      • Other Costs
  • 2
    Application Lodgement

    We help to relieve your stress by:

    • Assisting you in completing the Mortgage Application
    • Identifying and helping you to overcome any potential obstacles
    • Providing detailed research based on up to the minute market analysis
    • Selecting appropriate lenders
    • Submitting the application for approval
  • 3

    Through the approval process we:

    • Provide a 48 hour follow up service to keep the application on track
    • Clarify any lender queries as they arise
    • Conduct a property search

    Note: Approval can last 6 months depending on lender

  • 4
    Sale Agreed

    When you reach the 'Sale Agreed' stage: 

    • You pay a refundable booking deposit to the agent and appoint a solicitor
    • We meet again to choose the lender rate, term and product that suit your requirements
    • We review and select the appropriate Life Assurance and Home Insurance products based on up to the minute market analysis
    • We instruct a Bank Valuation on the lenders behalf and arrange it with the Selling Agent
    • We provide the chosen lender with specific property, solicitor and agreed loan details for full loan offer on your behalf
  • 5
    Loan Offer

    We provide a 48 hour follow up service to keep your application on track

    Note: It takes 3-5 days for lender to process the full offer from the receipt of specific property and loan details

  • 6
    Sign Contracts

    It is time to sign contracts. At this point:

    • Contracts are countersigned by the seller
    • We communicate with your solicitor directly
    • We manage solicitor/lender interaction
    • We co-ordinate your Life Insurance and Home Insurance requirements to ensure lender receives the relevant policy documents 10 days in advance of closing
    • We continue to communicate with the lender to make sure any other outstanding items are received on time
  • 7

    Congratulations, you are about to move into your new home!

    • We manage the final completion process in that stressful final 24 hours
    • We ensure that funds issued from the lender are on time for your specified completion date
    • We minimise the stress involved at the final hurdle
    • You get your keys and move in to your new home!
    • The first full mortgage repayment is usually scheduled for approximately 1 month later
    • We continue to be available for advice at any stage not only during the term of your loan but also after you have moved.

    Don't forget to keep in touch.