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Bright and breezy

Bedroom decor should be neutral. Off-whites, creams and pale yellows have wider appeal than pinks and lilacs.

Bedroom new

If your third bedroom or box room is being used as an office, pack away files and personal papers neatly.

Fresh and airy

Dust smells musty. Deep clean bedrooms - and under beds - and open the windows before the viewing.

A little luxury

Remove cosmetics and toiletries and personal items.  Imagine your'e walking into an elegant hotel room.  Comfortable, stylish, yet impersonal.  Bedspreads and large scatter cushions add to the feeling of luxury.

Child's play

While bedrooms should be as tidy, clean and fresh as possible, don't be too harsh on your children. It's their home as well and if their rooms are brutally tidy, they will be miserable. Pack up toys in boxes, and store most of them away. Alternate the boxes so they play with toys in rotation. Keep teenager posters to a minimum.  For an inexpensive, but smart finish, clip-frame them.

Storage solutions

Don't be fooled.  Visitors won't be too embarrassed to open cupboards.  They still want to see what storage space you have - not a jumble of clothes and toys you've stashed away at the last minute.

Seduce with space

Spare bedrooms crammed with boxes and junk are a no-no. Show a spare room as a bedroom looking as attractive as your master bedroom.