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Squeaky clean

Bathrooms must be pristine. Remove stains from lavatories with caustic soda.  Make sure drapes and blinds are dust-free.

Bathroom MA pack

Clear away

If your bathroom is free from clutter, it looks bigger, so clear out that cabinet, tidy away day-to-day toiletries - and banish that rubber duck!

Think tiles

A coloured suite? Consider toning the colour down with white tiles or chrome fittings to modernise the look.  Tiling every wall of a small bathroom makes it seem bigger. Think of hotel bathrooms, small, but stylish and generally tiles throughout.

Get it out

Remove and replace grubby tile grout.  If your tiles have seen better days, bleach them.  If that doesn't work, replace them.

Warm reception

Bathrooms should feel warm.  Consider a heated towel rail for a modern edge.

Perfect reflection

Make sure your bathroom has a good sized mirror to help reflect light.  One or two candles and, (if you have good natural light) a leafy fern will finish the room.

Finishing touches

Buy a new shower curtain and some new towels and only use them for viewing days.

Seal the deal

Check the sealant around the bath, shower tray and sink.  If it looks less than perfect, replace it.  Simple changes like new taps or a new shower head can make a big difference.