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30th November 2016

Eclectic Homes

By Sherry FitzGerald.



It’s the one area in our lives that we have complete control over in terms of choice of design and the finish of our homes interior space.  No need to conform, once the hall door is shut we are free to express our inner creativity and create a home that has that personal touch. We’re talking eclectic style - not a look that appeals to everyone but an eclectic home can be a stimulating environment in which to live – the polar opposite of bland, eclectic living just shouts personality!

13 college drive

 (13 College Drive, Terenure, Dublin 6W - Click the image for more information)


The first rule of thumb for emulating this look is to gather items that are of interest to you for their association as well as their aesthetics which means you’re not limited to one particular style.  An interesting mix of products from different eras and overseas travel will really bring your home to life with ethnic textiles adding that zing of interest. Don’t be afraid to mix modern with antique design furniture, the key to this style is that they don’t match but just complement each other which creates a unique finish.

2 ardara

(2 Ardara Terrace, Ennis Road, Limerick - Click the image for more information)


You are creating a feel in your home by developing a collection of different styles that on paper shouldn’t really work but in reality do so. By grouping similar colour schemes and product types together you can introduce a cohesive look to your style, then start building up layers of interest through your soft furnishings.  Add a mix of large feature cushions in various textiles and colour and finish with smaller scatter cushions – given the time of year think soft fabrics with a luxurious finish such as velvet or suede.


(Ard na Mara, Ardnaturrish Beg, Glengarriff, Co. Cork - Click the image for more information)


With all your elements in place it’s time to consider underfoot, the last thing you want is a bland canvas to undo all your hard work so consider the options.  Add a feature rug or carpet with a bold design to tie the look together, now is not the time for a conservative choice, you’re looking for impact and that wow factor that says wrong but looks right. Find an accent colour in your eclectic furnishings and let that be reflected in your choice of floor covering.

34 Newtown

(34 Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin - Click the image for more information)


Finally, going completely against the grain of the decluttering mantra, the last element to introduce to your eclectic design is quality books – old, battered and plentiful – pile them high around the room in a controlled fashion and your look is complete!

239 temp

(239 Templeogue Road, Templeogue, Dublin 6W - Click the image for more information)


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