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7th December 2016


By Sherry FitzGerald.




It’s not just an option for empty nesters - the time will come in everyone’s life to trade down from your current living accommodation to a more manageable size.  So what happens to all your worldly possessions when it comes to that point?  It inevitably comes as a big surprise when we take stock of how much we have accumulated over the years and decisions have to be made as to what to do with all that surplus!


 (Marina Village, Greystones, Co Wicklow - Click the image for further information)



If there are favourite pieces of furniture that you simply can’t bear to be parted from then your new abode needs to be able to play host to their arrival.  Keep the measurements with you when viewing your new home options so that you are safe in the knowledge that all will be well when the time comes to move in!


 (Seascape, Clontarf, Dublin 3 - Click the image for further information)



Typically you will only need approximately a third of your existing possessions when you prepare to downsize so any pieces that you think have merit can find a new home by donating them to your local charity shop. Also loved ones setting up their first home would welcome a helping hand in terms of reducing expenditure on new furniture.

9 joyce

 (9 Joyce Hall, Carrickmines Wood, Brennanstown Road, Carrickmines, D 18 - Click the image for further information)



To help you separate sentiment from practicality take a detached look at your belongings – ask yourself when was the last time you actually used that chair? Do you need that second table for catering? Books? Save space and clear those bookshelves – are you really going to read them again – probably not?

101 holybank

 (101 Hollybank Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9 - Click the image for further information)



Why is it that when we buy something new for the kitchen we tend to hold on to the old one we’re replacing ‘just in case’? There’s a reason our drawers and cupboards are brimful! Now is the time to do a serious clearout – be mindful of how many you will be catering for going forward and bring only those items with you which are necessary.


 (Stillorgan Gate, Upper Kilmacud, Co. Dublin - Click the image for further informaiton)




We’ve all done it, once Christmas is over and we’ve wined and dined to excess along with the rest of the country – the time arrives at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve for your resolutions. True to form we all buy into it and sign up for fitness classes we may never attend or order exercise apparatus that once assembled will gather dust for the foreseeable! So now might be a good time to dispose of those space wasters, after all who wants to be reminded of what we didn’t achieve – out of sight – out of mind!


 (Belmont (3 Bed Homes), Aikens Village, Stepaside, Dublin 18 - Click the image for further information)


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