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10th July 2017

Making Windows Stand Out

By Sherry FitzGerald.



Windows are an integral part of our home and they are the key to welcoming natural light into it. Designed to arrive in all sorts of shapes and sizes they can be adapted to maximise their function which is not only to illuminate but to frame our exterior views to their best advantage while at the same time not being intrusive to neighbouring homes.

Bleanaskill(Bleanaskill, Rocky Valley, Kilmacanogue, Co Wicklow - Click here for more information)


If protecting your privacy is high on the wish list for your home, then the use of stain glass windows can work equally well in modern homes as well as in period properties. Providing the dual function of privacy and illumination with the added interest of colourful beams of light that can fill your space with rainbow rays as the sun lights each element of the design. Not only will this give focal interest to a room but it will also be an attractive addition to your home both inside and out.

 Cowper Road(41 Cowper Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6 - Click here for more information)


Enhance your windows with explosions of colour which can be enjoyed from the exterior or from the comfort of your sofa in the form of well planted window boxes.  Think seasonal charm and plant your floral display accordingly to really make your windows stand out and draw the eye to their design. In kitchens the addition of potted herbs on the windowsill not only gives a homely feel to this all important space but also adds a functionality.

31 Park Avenue(Errisbeg, 31 Park Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin 4 - Click here for more information)


In a minimalist design of subtle hues in home interiors the easiest and most dramatic way to add visual interest is by concentrating your efforts on your window dressing. You can really bring a space to life by adding drama through the use of bold colour. Contrast your current colour palette with an exuberant shade that will make your windows really stand out and reflect this exuberance through small elements of soft furnishings or glass vases that will give a cohesive feel to the finished look.

 Athgarvan House(Athgarvan House, Athgarvan, County Kildare -Click here for more information)


By adding a window seat to your space, be it living room, kitchen or bedroom, allows you to bring nature closer and offers a prime observation point from which to enjoy the great outdoors. Install a plinth with padded seating and pile it high with comfy cushions to create the ultimate pleasure zone and a place to relax in as you look outside or enjoy a weekend read of a good book and a coffee!

Red House(The Red House, Castletownshend, Co Cork - Click here for more information)


Think dappled sunlight and interesting patterns dancing across your walls and you’re on your way to sticker land where the options are endless for making your windows stand out and make a design statement with a difference. Not only are the stickers visually interesting and provide privacy, especially useful in bathrooms and areas of high exposure, they are also very versatile providing an inexpensive option to change whenever the mood takes you!

Eagle Lodge

(Eagle Lodge, Sydney Avenue, Blackrock, Co Dublin-Click here for more information)

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