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2nd October 2017

Maximising Small Spaces

By Sherry FitzGerald.



When you're starting off on the property ladder it's fair to say that your budget will dictate what you can aspire to and naturally that aspiration will be challenged by the availability of space on which to stamp your personal style. But even the most bijou property regardless of its square footage limitation can be made to work on many levels with a few innovative steps.

15 Hayfield

(15 Hayfield, Model Farm Road, Cork - Click here for more information)


Maximise your floor space by opting for vertical storage systems. Think how much room you could gain by lifting your every day essentials up to a whole new level, still easily accessible but not taking up valuable ground level space. Store books, DVD's and anything else that might be taking up unnecessary room neatly overhead freeing up extra living space for you to enjoy.

Millcove House

 (Millcove House, Model Farm Road, Cork - Click here for more information)


Optical illusions are key to enhancing a spatially challenged area so make the most out of any available light with some reflective intervention. A well-placed mirror correctly positioned at its most advantageous angle will capture any incoming natural light. This will immediately make your room look and feel noticeably bigger and give the impression of a much more spacious area.

21 Hyde Park

 (21 Hyde Park Avenue, Blackrock - Click here for more information)


Much as we might like bold colours, they don’t necessarily work in small spaces so choosing neutral hues for your walls and floor covering will make your home look more open, giving a cohesive feel to your interior. Think soft tones of a similar colour palette and work with elements of depth and brightness within that palette to create a zone that successfully comes together leaving a bright and airy space.

21 Iona Park

(21 Iona Park, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 - Click here for more information)


It’s amazing what you can achieve with optimal lighting. Even the most modest space can reap the benefits of with some well-placed and well configured illumination. You can change the whole feel of a room by using different levels of lighting.  Target your task lighting to those areas where functionality is at a premium, be that in the kitchen, bathroom or study area. Then when it’s time to relax, add ambiance by changing to less intrusive lighting and turn functional to enjoyable with the use of clever accent lighting.

92 Merrion Road

(92 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge - Click here for more information)


It’s easy to find pieces of furniture that have a dual purpose and serve not only as a bed or ottoman for example, but also provide hidden storage in which to stash away all unsightly items, leaving you with a clean uncluttered space. Furniture with a high gloss or mirror finish also works well to give an illusion of space. The only downside is the fingerprint marks that seem to love and cling to their reflective surfaces!

7 Marino Park

(7 Marino Park, Mount Merrion Avenue - Click here for more information)


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