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4th October 2017

Working from Home

By Sherry FitzGerald.



As winter is approaching faster than most of us would like, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to work remotely but just as productively from the warmth of your own home. No more morning or even worse, evening commutes to contend with. No more shivering at bus stops or on train platforms, shoulders braced against the winter chill, waiting on transport that seems to take forever to arrive.  Sounds good doesn’t it but working from home takes discipline and strict time management if it’s to prove effective so here’s a few tips to get you started!

18 Lower Baggot Street

 (17/18, 18 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 - Click here for more information)


Tempted as you may be to create the ultimate home office for yourself and emulate those glistening designs from interior magazines, the most important thing to remember is that it has to work on a practical level. You’ll need a desk that not only looks good but has a big enough work surface to accommodate all your paperwork and the filing requirements that a busy working day entails.  Your desk chair is equally as important, if you’re going to be spending hours sitting on it, aesthetics shouldn’t be the first thing to spring to mind, you’ll need proper back support so choose a chair that’s ergonomically pleasing.

Kaibo, 157 Vernon Avenue, Clontarf

 (Kaibo, 157 Vernon Avenue, Clontarf - Click here for more information)


Consider your living area, where would you be most likely to get the peace and quiet needed for a good working environment? Once you have identified your space, define it, especially in a family home where little ones might need a few boundaries! Where space allows a spare bedroom or living room would be ideal where you could close yourself off from any noise during your working hours. Where space is limited use a screen/ room divider to signal you’re out of bounds!

Lackenash, Barnhill Road, Dalkey

(Lackenash, Barnhill Road, Dalkey - Click here for more information)


A home office devoid of light or aspect isn’t conducive to a productive atmosphere, so where possible position your desk where it will get optimum natural light.  Far from being a distraction, a room filled with light and with a view to outside will provide a stimulating environment in which to work. Not least because of the feel-good factor you will enjoy when the elements of wind and rain are at their worst!

46 Villiers Road (46 Villiers Road, Rathgar - Click here for more information)



With only yourself to answer to it would be easy to let your home office become a dumping ground for all manner of things, most work related but non essential. Avoid this by investing in good storage, this will help keep your paperwork in order and your desktop clear of unnecessary clutter. All work and no play wouldn’t be much fun so even if it is a designated space for work you still need to take a break just as you would in an office. Don’t eat at your desk, give yourself a change of environment – just remember when it’s time to go back!

22 Wilfield Road

(22 Wilfield Road, Sandymount - Click here for more information)

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