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4th January 2018

Stylish En Suites

By Sherry FitzGerald.



There’s nothing quite like the luxury of having your own en suite, a little haven away from the hustle and bustle of family life. By their nature an en suite tends to be on the small side as space is generally an issue for most homes and we don’t want to compromise our living area for a room that we won’t be spending that much time in.  The trick is to know how to maximise that space with clever and innovative fixtures and fittings while at the same time creating a stylish room that will add value to your home.

field place

( Field Place, New Road, Greystones - Click here for more information)


Your en suite should ideally be a continuation of your bedroom in terms of style and colour palette so that the two rooms flow naturally together. Pick up accent colours from your existing décor and replicate them on walls through either paint or tiling to create a bonding aesthetic, do the same with your choice of flooring. They don’t have to match exactly but they do need to be in a complementary shade to make the overall finish look effortless.

hawthorn lodge

( Hawthorn Lodge, Pallas, Gorey - Click here for more information)


In an area where space is a challenge, smart storage has never been so important. You need to get maximum use out of every available square metre so plan carefully to ensure you do. Recessed storage is a great way to keep all your bathroom essentials out of sight and helps maintain a streamlined finish which gives the illusion of spaciousness.


( Turoe, Liscannor Road, Lahinch- Click here for more information)


Mirrors are your en suites friend with their reflective surfaces attracting light from any available source. Popular are mirrored wall tiles, ceilings and furnishings in contemporary homes and in your more traditional home. a large feature mirror works equally well and creates a focal point. Add a shelf beneath it for candles and a small floral display that will add that personal touch when reflected.


( Artio, 43B Woodlands Park, Blackrock - Click here for more information)


Think about your entrance to the en suite, a door that opens inwards can present a challenge when it comes to access, so a door that opens outwards will not only serve the purpose of opening up your available space, but will also be a practical solution to navigating a confined area. We’ll all had the challenge of trying to negotiate the smallest of spaces and so by changing your access option makes the whole process that much easier

the moorings

( The Moorings, Barnageeragh, Skerries - Click here for more information)


Maybe it’s time to think outside the box, does an en suite really need to be a boxed off space? If you have the advantage of options a freestanding bath in the bedroom can really that extra level of opulence leaving your en suite for the more practical elements of every day ablutions!

11 washington park

( 11 Washington Park, Rathfarnam - Click here for more information)



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