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11th June 2018

High-Tech Homes

By Sherry FitzGerald.



Introducing a touch of James Bond into your home can’t be a bad thing, after all a little cutting-edge technology can go a long way towards making your life easier and perhaps safer. Previously only installed in more expensive homes, advances in technology mean that it’s a much affordable option open to all, as prices drop and your choice of device widens in a bid to turn your home into a high-tech hub!


(78 Park Avenue, Sandymount- Click here  for more information) 


We’ve all done it, forgotten our keys at some point and with nobody home the prospect of waiting on the doorstep can seem like the only viable option. But with smart technology you can programme your phone to both lock and unlock your front door remotely, especially useful if you have children who arrive home early from school and you’ve been delayed in traffic. Just enter the code and they can safely let themselves in. Also gone are the days of waiting in for the workmen, now you can let them in and lock the door after them without having to physically be there!


(Rostellan, 29 Temple Road - Click here for more information)


Imagine being able to use your phone to remotely control when your house lights come on or off when you’re absent for the day or away on holidays. Unlike the traditional method of timer switches which operate on a regular time slot, remote control means that you can alternate the timing so that your home will look occupied at different times throughout the day and evening.


(Emsworth, Malahide Road – Click here for more information) 


So, you timed your home heating system to come on later than usual as you were meant to be out for the evening, but plans changed and now you’re facing the prospect of arriving home to a cold house. However, with smart thermostat technology you now have the solution at your fingertips and can change your heating settings remotely to ensure you will come home to a warm and cosy house after all.


(40 Elgin Road, Ballsbridge – Click here for more information) 


There have been huge steps forward in how we can control our home entertainment systems thanks to smart technology. Not only can you decide what comes on and the volume control of your TV or home cinema through one device, but you can also use voice commands to search for your favourite music, ask questions and be presented with a choice of options. Now all that’s left for you to do is to sit back, chill and enjoy all the many advantages of living in a high-tech home!


(10 Greenfield Crescent, Donnybrook - Click here for more information) 

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