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10th July 2018

Sustainable Living

By Sherry FitzGerald.



It’s not just the money we stand to save by opting for sustainable living, it’s also the impact on the environment that motivates people to make their homes eco-friendly. Even small changes can make all the difference to both your utility bills and in conserving valuable resources such as water from being wasted needlessly. From new builds to period properties there are many ways you can adapt your home to promote sustainable living.


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The more windows there are in a property the more natural light it will enjoy which will greatly reduce the need for artificial lighting and have a positive impact on your electricity bills. In cases of bespoke properties, factor into your design the need for multiple windows with your architect. Most modern builds will have double glazed windows as standard, where possible in older homes, replace draughty windows with a more energy efficient option. If this isn’t feasible, then thermal backed curtains will help to reduce heat loss.


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In a busy household there is every possibility that lights will be left on unintentionally which is one of the more common examples of energy waste. Combat this by installing sensory lighting that will automatically switch on as you enter a room and then off again when you leave. Take showers instead of baths and reduce the flow of your water to lessen your water consumption, especially during a dry spell, like the one we’re experiencing currently.


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Make sure that radiators and heating systems are turned off in rooms that you don’t use on a regular basis and instead heat only those rooms with a steady footfall. When shopping for electrical appliances, always check the energy rating and opt for the one which is most energy efficient. It might seem obvious, but it is an area that is often overlooked when design and colour are at the forefront of consideration!


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There are a range of better energy home grants which may be available to you from the SEAI -Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland – to help homeowners reduce their energy costs and greenhouse emissions. These could include grants for a solar thermal system which is designed to meet 50-60% of your hot water needs. Or an insulation grant which includes cavity, internal and external wall insulation together with an attic insulation grant and heating system upgrades.

Check out if you qualify at:-

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