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11th June 2013

Lots To Love About Rural Living

By Sherry Fitz.


We are witnessing great value for money at the moment and so if a holiday home has been on your radar but up until now always considered just that bit outside of affordability, think again, now’s the time to explore your options. Alternatively if you’re looking to put down stakes in the countryside rather than have a property as a weekend retreat, your timing couldn’t be better.

It’s a given that with rural living you naturally get more space in the size of your home but you also get the advantage of having a larger outdoor space than your urban locked counterparts! So what to do with all that advantage? If you have ever tasted home grown vegetables then the answer is obvious – start an allotment – albeit on a small scale but just think of the benefits of growing your own. For families with young children what better gift to give them than to introduce them to nature at its best, getting them to eat vegetables becomes a whole lot easier when they have been instrumental in planting and nurturing them.

Wide open spaces mean that neighbours are important, they are few and far between and so they are a very valued part of the rural community. It’s easy to be anonymous in urban areas but the advantage of rural living is that everybody knows each other and by Glen of Aherlow Walking Festival  extension takes the time to look after each other which is a huge plus when living in an isolated spot. You naturally become involved in your community because your support for a local event makes a real difference.

If you’re not surrounded by properties on an urban estate just think of the freedom you would have to indulge your creative flow on your exterior walls or garden. Indulge in a wild splash of colour on a garden fence perhaps – or perhaps not – the point is you have the freedom to express yourself without fear of upsetting the neighbours.

Everybody is in the same boat with the same potential problem, but solutions are at hand. School runs just got a whole lot easier with the local designated school bus picking the kids up from your garden gate and dropping them home again when school is finished. It’s a practical answer to a common problem, equally you have the choice of a mobile library, butcher, fish monger among many who all make accessibility to their wares that much easier for a rural customer base.

For animal lovers everywhere the chance to give them the space to run around in is a big bonus, but as has always been the case for our country canine and felines, they have a job to do. Dogs do their bit by being on the alert on a dark winters evening, while cats keep our far less desirable furry friends at bay – what’s not to love about rural living?

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