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25th March 2013

Lots to love about coastal living

By Sherry Fitz.


It’s official, living by the sea is good for your health and research has shown that people who live on the coast are likely to enjoy better health than those who don’t. Exactly why it’s good for you they can’t pinpoint but access to an environment that stimulates activity must surely be a factor.

People will never cease to be drawn to the coast as an escape from city pressures, the feeling of liberation is all consuming, you’re on the edge of an abyss and therefore freedom ensues.

So how exactly does it impact our health? Findings show that people living by the sea are more likely to exercise as the lure of the outside encourages them to get out and about. The best sort of exercise is to walk or run barefoot on the sand, for those of you who have done this you will know how hard it is but the plus side is that it trains the legs and massages the soles of the feet. Swimming is another great way of getting fit as it trains the arm, chest and leg muscles and those familiar with popular swimming spots along the coast will bear testament to the fact that regular swimmers are hale and hearty and dedicated no matter the season.

By mere virtue of the fact that you live on the coast and are more likely to enjoy the great outdoors, you are also more likely to absorb more sunlight which is great for your body as it nurtures Vitamin D which is a great source of calcium and therefore leads to stronger bones. It is also well known that

the thyroid gland responsible for the working of the nervous system, your metabolism and your growth needs iodine to function properly, something you commonly find in sea water and seaweed.

But aside from all the health benefits, the sheer bliss of enjoying life on the coast needs no explanation, what better way to wake up in the morning than to look out of your window and welcome the day by counting the white caps. In the times we live in we all need to feel energised and invigorated and the sea delivers.

Part of the attraction must assuredly be the quality of the light, you simply don’t get that stark quality anywhere but on the coast, and for people who are sensitive to the changing seasons and by extension light deprivation, coastal living helps to alleviate with its luminosity. For hundreds if not thousands of years painters have found their inspiration along the coasts of every country in the world drawn by the extraordinary effects of light on the sea. Even on the dullest day or on the morning of a beautiful sunrise , a fierce storm or a soft Irish misty day it has never failed to mesmerise and engage even the most discerning critic. Always constant, always moving and never mundane you can’t help but feel stimulated by that sheer force which is the sea.

But aside from all the health benefits

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