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1st May 2015

DIY – 5 easy ways to entertain your children in the garden

By Sherry Fitz.


DIY – 5 easy ways to entertain your children in the garden


The first few days of sun have come and unfortunately gone before we even have time to dig out our sandals. Getting out and about with the kids when the weather allows it is always favourable but can often transpire to be wishful thinking. When the normal day to day tasks still need to be completed and everyone still expects to be washed, fed and watered; sticking the little ones in the back garden to entertain themselves can be the best way for them to soak up some that much needed vitamin D that we’ve been missing since last year. Below are five fun, cheap and easy ways to keep them occupied while out playing in the garden.

Make and hide these little flower babies in your garden and send your children on a treasure hunt to find them all. All you need is some walnut shells, fluff and plenty of hiding places for your flower babies to snooze and wait to be discovered.

 Flower Babies


This one is great for sleepovers or if your kids are just camping in the garden. Put glow
sticks inside ten plastic bottles of water for some outdoor night-time bowling. No instructions needed!

Night time bowling


Keep the kids from drawing all over your walls without stifling their creative flow. Mount a blackboard on the wall or fence in your back garden and place some cushions on ground. With a box of coloured chalk they’ll be preoccupied for hours drawing doodles and landscapes.



Have you hundreds of thousands of old keys in a drawer somewhere that may or may not have at some stage opened something? With some string and acrylic paint, your little ones could make a lovely, colourful wind chime for the garden.



DIY oversized dominoes. Make some jumbo dominoes pieces from planks of wood, or paint some stones and create a colourful version of noughts and crosses (or ladybirds and bees!)



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