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8th June 2016

Al Fresco Living

By Sherry FitzGerald .



The chance to embrace some quality leisure time after a day at work is something that puts a spring into everyone’s step. The neighbouring aromas from sizzling charcoal which turns the humble sausage into a BBQ essential can be hard to resist – so why try? But before you start cooking, now is the time to address your exterior furniture choices – old or new – they all need attention to ensure they can be enjoyed in tip top condition!

Linden Lodge

(Linden Lodge, Crecora, Co. Limerick, click the image for further details)


It’s so easy to be mesmerised by the wide variety of choice on the market in terms of outdoor furnishings, so to prevent any needless errors, measure your available space and decide on its function before you get led astray by the dazzling array of options open to you once you start shopping.


(Brambley, 18 Springfield Park, Foxrock, Dublin 18, click the image for further details) 


Any purchase is an investment for your home and so you need to shop wisely to get value for your money, outdoor items need to be strong enough to withstand whatever nature throws at them!  They may be treated and weatherproofed but they will still need a little bit of TLC to protect them through the elements. If opting for wooden furniture, regardless of all the reassurance that your selected product is ready for action, it’s always best to give it that extra coat of armour in the form of a protective oil.


(Kenure, Westminster Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18, click the image for further details)


Whether your choice of design is minimalist and contemporary or more cottage garden style, you can always lend a helping hand and add that extra layer of comfort. With your furniture in place think about how you will use that space and how you can enhance it.  The warmest summer nights can get chilly once the sun goes down so invest in some cosy throws to help your guests feel comfortable and warm whilst still enjoying the novelty of being outdoors.

43B Strand Road

(43B Strand Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4, click the image for further details)


We are all creatures of comfort and so once the BBQ is over and our appetites have been sated with our favourite fare, what better way to fully enjoy this wonderful opportunity to dine outdoors than to snuggle down in the folds of soft furnishings and let the world drift by? It’s always a good idea to bring them indoors at the end of an evening, contrary to instructions on their outdoor status as they will stay in good condition longer. You don’t have to opt for designated exterior furnishings necessarily, once you remember to put them away safely in a sheltered spot, regular cushions and throws will do the job – just keep an eye on the daily forecast and employ caution!

5 Homeleigh

(5 Homeleigh, Porterstown, Castleknock, Dublin 15, click the image for further details)

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