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21st September 2016

A Good Front Door

By Sherry FitzGerald .



Nothing says welcome as much as an attractive entrance to a house, the centrepiece of which is a pleasing front door – the window to your home. Holding such a prominent position brings with it a certain responsibility which could either make or break a potential sale. With kerb appeal established in terms of a tidy exterior the next thing people will notice is the door they are standing outside – decisions will be made regarding the potential of a successful outcome before it even opens.

Siloam(Siloam, Sion Road, Kilkenny, click the image for further details)


Your choice of door should fit in with the existing style of your home, modern and funky would look out of place on a period property but would bring a sense of fun to a more recent build. Colour is another challenge, when it comes to picking the right shade of welcome take guidance from the age of your property. Shades that pop on modern homes may grate on an older build where more subtle hues would complement your period features.

20a Beechwood 

(20a Beechwood Avenue Lower, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, click the image for further details)


With the cosmetics covered the next thing to address is the practicality of your door, how energy efficient is it? A common problem in many homes is the huge loss of heat from underneath and the surrounding area of your front door. So ensure that it is insulated properly as it has the potential to either lose or save you a significant amount of money.  Adding a porch, while not to everyone’s taste is an effective way of guarding against wasted energy – consider your BER rating.

Kenure(Kenure, Westminster Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18, click the image for further details)


So that’s form and functionality considered, but the most important purpose of a front door is that it holds the key to your security. It is essentially the fortress between you and the world outside and as such needs to be made of strong material and fitted with secure locks. While glass paneling in a door can allow the light to flood in and brighten up your hallway, they are also leaving you vulnerable with the ease in which they can be broken. There are many security systems to choose from that will help protect your home from unwanted visitors but top of your list should be a strong detracting entrance!

49 Abington(49 Abington, Malahide, Co. Dublin, click the image for further details)


There are many materials to choose from but the most popular choice remains a wooden door in spite of the fact that it requires more care and is the more expensive option.  Sensitive to sun and moisture it does need a little extra loving care but a gleaming focal point to your home has to be worth the effort!

2 bellevue(2 Bellevue Park, Off Woodbine Road, Booterstown, Co.Dublin, click the image for further details)

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