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9th November 2016

Weekend Escapes

By Sherry FitzGerald.



We all dream of owning a holiday home - somewhere to head to on a Friday evening away from our daily routine, a place to chill and relax to recharge our batteries for the week ahead.  Perhaps It’s not as elusive as you may think, there’s great value in the market at the moment and with winter approaching, what better way to while away those dark winter evenings than in front of a roaring fire in your very own weekend bolt-hole?

Barely Hill

 (Barley Hill, Westport, Co Mayo - click the image for more information)


Before you let your heart rule your head establish very clear parameters in terms of the location of your second home.  For it to be a feasible option it needs to be easily accessible, no more than an hours commute from your current home, any more than that and the journey will become a chore rather than a pleasure which defeats the purpose. Where possible opt for popular locations that will hold their value when the time comes to sell.

2 grange little

(2 Grange Little, Rosslare Strand, Co Wexford - click th eimage for more information)


Buying a place in the country affords you more property in terms of size and the surrounding landscape so if your chosen location comes with outdoor space be mindful of the work required to keep it in shape.  Unless you want to spend your valuable downtime armed with pruning shears and a garden rake it might be no harm to consider the implications - you could always opt for the wild back to nature option but this might not put you in good stead with your new neighbours!


(Carrig Eibhear, Coolmore, Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow - click the image for more information)


If you love it the chances are that somebody else will, so potentially you will have the option of making your property work for you. Explore renting it for short-term lets to help you finance your holiday home, not only will this bring in welcome additional funds but it will also help to keep the property aired and cared for.  With regular traffic through your home you will be kept informed of anything that needs your attention should a problem arise.


(Sky Road, Clifden, Co.Galway - Click the image for more information)


One of the great advantages of owning a holiday home is that you can travel on a whim at a time and date that suits you with no airports or flight schedules to worry about. You also have the comfort of being able to leave your possessions behind, have well-stocked cupboards and having your personal belongings all in situ for when you arrive. Weekends away with friends just got a whole lot better with no overheads and accommodation costs for them to factor in - It’s time to make the dream a reality!


(Wayside, Weavers Point, Crosshaven, Cork - Click the image for more information)

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