The Economic Research Team

Sherry FitzGerald Research and Cushman & Wakefield Research is part of a global network of market research experts working with clients to create cutting edge research on the Irish and International property markets.

The company is recognised as industry leaders in the provision of research on the Irish property market with particular expertise in property market forecasting.

Team Research

Marian Finnegan, Siobhan Corcoran, Suvi Cahill & Deirdre O'Reilly

We publish reports each quarter on a wide range of markets, including;

  • Irish Residential Market Review
  • Irish Office Market Review
  • Irish Industrial Market Review
  • Irish Investment Market Review
  • Irish Hotel Market Review
  • Irish Retail Market Review
  • Irish Development Land Market Review
  • Irish Land Market Review

In conjunction with these written reports we regularly produce bespoke research and host one-to-one presentations, delving into more detail on topics of specific interest to our clients.

The Research Department at Sherry FitzGerald Group is dedicated to the production of high quality, data driven and unrivalled research on current and future property market conditions across local, regional and global markets.

Our dedicated research team keeps our clients informed about the performance of the marketplace, focusing on the analysis and commentary on both the Residential and Commercial property markets throughout Ireland and abroad, together with forecasting and comprehensive reporting on global economic events.

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