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Dress to Impress

We say when you're selling your house, first impressions really count.

If a person is inspired when they visit your property, they're far more likely to have a higher opinion of its value.  The smallest of changes make a huge difference - and maximise its impact.  And they needn't cost a fortune.

Of course, when you appoint us as your agent, we can offer personalised and tailored advice to give your property the edge.  But meanwhile, here are dozens of tips, starting before your visitors even get to your door.

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Its called 'kerb appeal'. Making your house look impressive, before they open the gate. Read more

LivingLiving Rooms

Whatever the time of year, give the house a Spring clean. Consider the following: Have soft furnihsings and carpets professionally cleaned; replace worn or badly stained carpets. Read more 


Check out what's new in kitchen design, New doors don't have to be too expensive. Simply changing handles is a cheap way to give kitchen units a lift.  Read more 


Make you bedrooms seem bright and breezy, clean up the kids toys and make sure wardrobes are neat and tidy. Read more

Bathroom colourBathrooms

Bathrooms must be pristine. Remove stains from lavatories with caustic soda. Make sure drapes and blinds are dust free.  Read more