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Living Rooms

Deep clean

Whatever the time of year, give the house a Spring clean. Consider the following: Have soft furnishings and carpets professionally cleaned; replace worn or badly stained carpets; re-stain shabby wooden floors - or brighten them up with attractive rugs. 

Living room seater

DVD´s you don't watch regularly, old magazines and books - pack away as much clutter as possible.   You'll be doing this when you move, so start now!

Follow the colour code

Strong colours can alienate potential buyers. The cost of buyers having to redecorate could undermine the value of your property.  If necessary, repaint.  Choose pale, warm neutral colurs, such as cream or off-white.


Choose striking fabrics that tone with the décor for soft furnishings and cushions in the living room.

Wall Art

Pictures and paintings and mirrors should be hung carefully.  Beware: Large pictures dominate small rooms. Dark ones should be avoided in rooms with little natural light. Family photos are best removed.

Mood lighting

Good lighting is essential in living rooms. Consider replacing dated central pendants with lampshades that show the light bulb with modern fittings. Secondary lighting, such as standard or table lamps, can add impact.

Table manners

If you have a separate dining room, show it with a table and chairs. No need to lay the table for dinner - a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers is enough.  Having one or two books and a quality magazine on a coffee table add a welcoming touch.

TV guide

A television shouldn't be a focal point for a living room.  Keep it in the background.