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Executor Sales

At Sherry Fitz, we understand the process of administering a deceased person's estate or disposing of a family home. It's often a complex and emotional time and requires the utmost sensitivity.

But more importantly, because an administrator or Executor is required to preserve the assets until they are sold or distributed - as well as protecting them from devaluation - Executors require the best and most up-do-date advice.

Sherry Fitz simplifies

In most Executor sales, you require more from your Estate Agent than just sales and marketing advice.  When there is more than one beneficiary, appoint Sherry Fitz to handle your sale and everything is managed simply - and centrally.  All communication updates are issued from one point of contact.

Our Services

  • Market leading sales valuation advice, backed up with market comparables and research to distribute to other beneficiaries
  • Regular written updates (distributed to all beneficiaries as required by letter, report or email as you wish)
  • Property maintenance and cleaning
  • Property dressing and staging
  • Furniture removal and storage
  • Clear, transparent and agreed marketing budget
  • Property insurance options