Our Values

We care about what we do.  We care about people as individuals.  We enjoy helping and supporting our clients.  We also happen to like houses, shops and offices, interesting buildings, useful buildings, farms and the built environment.

While we’re busy embracing the new digital world, we don’t dream of systems so perfect that we dispense with the need to be good. 

We champion the practice of doing the right thing, having a sense of purpose and offering a service with the winning combination of competence, trust and good humour.

In the Oxford dictionary, the word sale comes before the word service.  It doesn’t in our lexicon. Helping people to move, with little stress but with great success, is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work.

We reject the bland and the impersonal, striving instead to provide an unequalled service that delivers beyond expectations.  That’s the Sherry Fitz way.

It’s telling the truth, it’s staying in touch, it’s offering wise counsel, it’s stretching ourselves to leave no stone unturned to do the best job for our clients.

We have a long tradition of being a trusted advisor at the heart of the communities that we live and work in.  Our offices throughout Ireland, which we have retained through the greatest crash in post-war Europe, are a testament to that commitment to community.

Back in the 1980’s we were gender balanced before it was the norm and, to mark the beginning of this century, we came up with the idea of MyHome and instigated its creation and launch in 2001.  We’re ambitious for all the right reasons, always embracing innovation so as to improve the lot of the consumer.  We have form but we’re still hungry for change.

At our very heart is an ambition to keep changing and improving and that’s why your feedback always matters to us.