Getting Your Garden Summer Ready


Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

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As the weather really starts to warm up, don’t just drag your barbecues out, blow up the paddling pool and dust off the sun lounger. It’s really worth taking some time to get your garden in shape for the summer months.

Here are some garden jobs, that are really worth taking the time to get done.

Loving your lawn

  1. A neatly mowed lawn is a joy to behold. It’s a good idea to remove most common lawn weed
  2.  Remember to not mow less than 1cm off your grass

Clear out your shed

  1. During the winter months we are all guilty of ‘stock piling’ a lot of odd bits.
  2.  Remove everything from your shed – put them into 2 groups – 1.  ‘keep’ and 2. ‘don’t keep’
  3. Throw or give away everything in the ‘don’t keep’ pile (be ruthless!)
  4. Clean the inside of the shed
  5.  Place the items from your ‘keep’ group back into the shed in an organised manner.

Clean your barbecue

  1. Remove any rust that has built up over the winter months

Clean the garden furniture & paint that fence

  1. Wash any cushions that were left on the furniture over the winter months.
  2.  Give your fence a revitalised look of colour and health.  Use a treatment such as Creosote to give it extra protection.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy the summer sun.

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