Thinking of selling your home?


Thinking of selling your home?

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Here are our top tips to help you prepare:

  1. Check out the competition – sign up to property portals and receive alerts about houses for sale in your area. This will give you an idea of where the market is at and what other houses are for sale in your area.  Be realistic about what your house is worth.  Spend time on Property Price Register and the register pages of
  2. Locate your house deeds – these will either be with a bank, a solicitor or in your possession.  Without these, the sale of your house could be delayed and you may loose a potential buyer.
  3. Choose your estate agent.  We at Sherry FitzGerald Stack are in business for over 40 years.  Don’t be afraid to ask us  what you need to do to maximise the appeal and value of the property.  Is there anything you need to do to make the property more appealing?  For instance, if your property is more suited to a family well that 3rd room that you may be using as an office would be better set up as a bedroom.
  4.  As well as the selling agents fees, remember there are also solicitors fees to be factored in. These vary so shop around.
  5. Ask a trusted friend (whose style you admire) to cast a critical eye over the property highlighting its weak points.  Do this before going to market so that you can implement as many suggestions as is financially possible.   Sometimes these changes are as simple as adding the right cushions and throws to make it more appealing.
  6. Kerb appeal‘ ensure the garden to the front is immaculate and always well presented with any litter removed.   Power wash the front and back yard – make sure the house looks like it is well loved and cared for.   First impressions do last…
  7. Declutter without removing the property’s personality.  Make sure your property is spotlessly clean, free from cooking & animal smells.
  8. Kitchens and bathrooms may sell homes, but make sure the bedrooms look crisp and fresh (practice those hospital corners!)
  9. On viewing days: make sure the house is aired, clean and free from dust, don’t burn strongly scented candles.  Freshly cut flowers in the hall or kitchen is a nice touch. On dark days, make sure the fire is burning in the main reception room(s), that the house is warm and that all table lamps are on.
  10. Don’t hang around – you don’t need to hear viewer critiques of your own home.  Let us sell your home for you.

We have compiled a check list of all the documents you will require before putting your house on the market.  If you are thinking of selling your house, call us on 068 32087 or click on input your details and we will contact you.

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