Building a Better Ireland

Ireland 1989 - 2021

Over 30 years ago we had a vision, commitment to gender equality, telling the truth, a belief in the value of service

Over 30 years on, Ireland has changed radically, much of it for the better, but some of it for the worse, including access to affordable housing for all. We remain wedded to our principles of 30 years ago of gender equality, the importance of the truth and the value of service. We remain a campaigning business for a better Ireland for all. 

Today, it seems so utterly unjust that today’s young generation, who have helped attract inward investment in such a significant scale, which in turn has led to burgeoning corporate tax receipts, are not benefiting from the dynamic they have helped Ireland to create. The limited provision of social housing, excessively high rents and restrictive access to mortgages, is combining to create a socially regressive society. The housing crisis is potentially a much greater crisis than Brexit, given that it’s possibly going to be a 20-year long crisis.

Today we remain firmly committed to our long-held belief that It’s not just about property. It’s about people.



Ireland 2021 onwards

Ireland’s population of today and tomorrow needs housing choice and solutions

The graphic below captures some key facts around the context of demand and supply and proposes some actions.

Source: *Property Industry Ireland, **Residential Tenancy Board, *** Goodbody

It’s not just about property. It’s about people.


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