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  1. Inspiration for Sellers


    Q: I’m downsizing from a larger house to a smaller one but I don’t want to say goodbye to all my furniture and artwork. What can I bring with me? Helena Cousins of Zinc Interior Design offers her expert advice.

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    Stock of property for sales down nationwide, down 26% on pre-Covid levels

    The stock of houses available for sale remains at a historically low level, according to the latest analysis by Sherry FitzGerald Research. There were only 15,140 second-hand properties listed for sale nationwide in January 2023. This means that the stock of second-hand properties for sale has fallen by a fall of over 26%, since January 2020 immediately prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Furthermore, it is worth noting there were 53,909 advertised for sale in January 2010, when this analysis began.

  3. Inspiration for Sellers


    Q: My house is going on the market and I want to declutter it for viewings. Where do I start? Suzy Kell, decluttering coach, offers her expert advice.

  4. Sherry FitzGerald Annual Conference 2023

    Long established Meath estate agents win Sherry FitzGerald Countrywide Member of the Year 2023.

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    Dollars are big bucks

    The US buyer was the standout performer in this particular segment of the market, which proved strong in Cork, writes Roseanne De Vere Hunt

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    A year of resilient demand and moderating price inflation

    Sherry FitzGerald, Ireland’s largest estate agent, reported today (Saturday December 31st, 2022) that the average value of second-hand homes in Ireland increased by 5.7% in 2022. This is a notable slowdown on the growth of 9.6% recorded in 2021, as the market recovered from the effects of COVID-19 restrictions.

  7. Inspiration for Sellers

    Brighten up your garden & patio for the winter months

    Q: It's winter and my garden and patio aren't looking their best. How can I brighten up these outdoor spaces without a huge expense? Garden designer Marion Keogh offers her expert advice.

  8. Inspiration for Sellers

    Choosing Paint

    Q: I’m painting my interior with a view to putting my home on the market. Does everything have to be painted in cream? Colour consultant Niamh Courtney offers her expert advice.

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    Q3 House Index

    Sherry FitzGerald, Ireland’s largest estate agent, reported today (Monday, October 11th, 2022) that the average value of second-hand homes in Ireland increased by 1.1% in the third quarter of this year, with values rising 5.5% over the first nine months of 2022. This compares to growth of 7.1% in the same period in 2021.


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    Reaction to Budget 2023

    Sherry FitzGerald broadly welcome the wide-ranging cost of living measures outlined today by the Government in Budget 2023. The expansion of the energy credits for homes and businesses, reduction in the cost of childcare, and the changes to tax brackets should help alleviate inflationary pressures and ensure that our economy remains in its robust position.

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    Sherry FitzGerald House Index Q2 2022

    Sherry FitzGerald, Ireland’s largest estate agent, reported today (Thursday, June 30th, 2022) that the rate of house price growth is exhibiting signs of moderation.

  12. Inspiration for Buyers

    Country Living: The Pleasures and The Pitfalls

    In our second feature exploring the Great Move to the Irish Countryside, we look at the joys of getting away from it all, but also explore some of the unexpected matters that may irk you. Alongside all that lovely clean air, extra space, greater freedoms for the kids, and gorgeous walks right on your doorstep, what about the downsides?

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    Sherry FitzGerald secures new long-term owner and investment to drive ambitious growth plans

    Sherry FitzGerald Group [‘Sherry FitzGerald’ or ‘the Group’], Ireland’s leading property advisory firm, is pleased to announce its acquisition by CastleGate Investments [‘CastleGate’], a growth focussed family office, led by Roy Barrett on behalf of serial entrepreneur, Tommy Kelly.

  14. Inspiration for Buyers

    Rethinking Rural - Escape to the Irish Countryside

    In the first part of a new series of features, we look at the Great Move to the Irish Countryside. As more and more people are voting with their feet, rural Ireland is wide awake. As well as gorgeous and gloriously spacious, and it is well and truly open for business. So what can you expect? How can you and your family live the Irish dream, and are there any pitfalls to look out for?

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    Agricultural Land - Q1 2022

    The opening quarter of 2022 saw agricultural land values in Ireland continue to grow steadily. According to the latest data from Sherry FitzGerald Research, agricultural land values nationally, excluding Dublin, rose by 3.2% over the opening quarter of the year. Following this growth, the weighted[i] average price of farmland stood at approximately €10,050 per acre.