Why work with us?

We dare to be different

We like to think of ourselves as a large collection of small businesses each sharing a common culture of high professional standards. Everybody counts in the Sherry FitzGerald Group and everybody has a mark on their back saying that we dare to be different.

Our staff love to work here

People who work with us have a pride in being accountable. As an organisation we respect the individual and your life outside work is respected as it should be.

We invest in your future

We are the only estate agency in Ireland to have a Learning and Development Department that is committed to helping people enhance their skill base. Our Educational Programme supports continued work related learning. In life there is always room for improvement - it's the biggest room in the house! Hence, we leave no stone unturned in helping our people develop their careers. 

We offer multiple career paths

Aside from great career opportunities throughout Ireland, there are also global opportunities within the Cushman & Wakefield family.

We promote on merit

We foster a very strong culture of career development, whereby our people are promoted based on performance and merit.

We believe in mutual trust

For many, numbers are the end result. Not for us. We believe in growing a business through the motivation and behaviour of the people who work in it. This is created through mutual trust. As a member of our team you can expect the trust to start from us, your employer, through rewarding you well and caring for you as an individual.

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