The Economic Research Team

We are market research experts who work with clients to create high quality, data driven and unrivaled property market research. Our analysis focuses on current and future property market conditions across the Irish national and regional residential property markets. Our extensive knowledge and long running data series has afforded us unparalleled expertise in forecasting property market trends. 

(From left to right: Marian Finnegan, Siobhan Corcoran, Suvi Cahill & Deirdre O'Reilly)

Sherry FitzGerald Research is recognised as an industry leader in the provision of property research and our findings regularly appear across many media outlets, to include print, broadcast and social media platforms.

We publish reports on a wide range of markets, including residential market, the private rental sector and the agricultural land market. 

In addition to written reports, we regularly produce bespoke research and host one-to-one presentations, delving into more detail on topics of specific interest to our clients. 

For more information please contact

Chief Economist

Marian Finnegan

Sherry FitzGerald Head Office

Senior Economist - Associate Director

Siobhán Corcoran

Sherry FitzGerald Head Office

Senior Economist

Deirdre O'Reilly

Sherry FitzGerald Head Office

Spatial Data Analyst/Researcher

Suvi Cahill

Sherry FitzGerald Head Office

Economist, Research

Kate English

Sherry FitzGerald Head Office

Junior Economist

Eoin Lynch

Sherry FitzGerald Head Office

PA / Department Administrator

Gemma Byrne

Sherry FitzGerald Head Office
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Advice for Buyers

Buying property is a complicated process. With over 40 years’ experience working with buyers all over Ireland, we’ve researched and developed a selection of useful guides and resources to provide you with the insight you need.

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Applying in-depth research methodologies, we regularly publish market updates, trends, forecasts and more helping you make informed property decisions backed up by hard facts and information.

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From getting mortgage-ready to preparing and submitting your full application, our Mortgages division have the insight and expertise you need to help secure you the best possible outcome.