Thrive Festival 2020

Inspiration for Buyers
Inspiration for Buyers

5 Things To Do At Thrive Festival 2020


Ireland’s most dynamic fitness, wellness and lifestyle event, Thrive Festival, is full to the brim of everything for the wellness warrior and fitness fan. Thrive Festival which takes place this weekend at The Convention Centre, Dublin, will showcase the largest range of fitness and yoga classes, healthy eating demonstrations and wellness talks in the country, tickets include unlimited access to all the talks and workshops, the Thrive Marketplace, cookery demonstrations and tastings plus all the yoga and fitness classes.

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Here are our top picks to enjoy over this weekend of wellbeing and health.

1.  Browse the THRIVE Marketplace

Take time for a bit of indulgence; enjoy browsing the handpicked Thrive Marketplace where you will find lots of fantastic vendors. With a vast range of stalls to browse, including many Irish Brands and the best international brands in fitness, health and wellbeing. Don’t forget to try out some delicious breakfast or lunch options with Thrives four food features on level one.

2.  Get inspired listening to some of Ireland’s leading speakers

Listen to a number of Ireland’s top social influencers and take time to sit back and relax and be  inspired to live your best life with top tips for healthy living. Tune in for a talk on conscious living and sustainability and if you are having trouble sleeping, expert Tom Coleman will tell you how and why that beauty sleep matters.

3.  Wind down with a treat in the THRIVE Retreat Space

Treat yourself to a wonderful array of therapies after your fitness class or yoga sessions with a huge range of therapies including physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, cupping, reflexology, osteopathy and so many more. With over 75 treatments available there is something for everyone who deserves some self-care at the weekend. All sessions are booked in advance so get in quick to ensure you get your treat!

4.  Exclusive boutique classes

Debuting this year will be Boom Cycle which is London’s most dynamic spin class. Music is at the core of a Boom Cycle class with themes such as Boy Bands v Girl Bands or Rhianna vs Beyoncé, this will be spinning but not as you know it!

5.  Yogafest!

Bring down the tempo with three dedicated stages, yoga forms the core of Thrive Festival. With a who’s who of Ireland’s top yoga instructors all in one venue. With over 64 yoga classes over the weekend, there truly is one for everyone in the audience.