Tenant Responsibilities

As part of our series of guides on ‘renting’ for both landlords and tenants, below you’ll find a detailed outline on your responsibilities as a tenant.

Tenant Focus

Your 10 most important responsibilities as a tenant

  1. Rent – you may think this goes without saying but you must pay your rent in full and on time and pay any other charges that are specified in the letting agreement, for example, waste collection charges or utility bills.

  2. Repairs – you need to keep the property in good order and tell the landlord when repairs are needed. It’s also only fair that you must give the landlord and those carrying out repairs access to carry out repairs. And remember, you need to keep a record of all repairs, payments (including receipts) and dealings with your landlord for both your reference and theirs.

  3. Upkeep – it is your responsibility to be respectful and make sure that you do not damage the property. For example, drying clothes inside without proper ventilation can cause dampness. 

  4. Inspections – keep in mind that you also must allow the landlord or the landlords agent carry out inspections of the property at reasonable intervals on agreed dates and times. 

  5. Occupants – it’s also your responsibility to let the landlord know who is living in the property and you cannot let others move in without their consent. 

  6. Behaviour – for the benefit of your immediate neighbours and the property itself, it’s important that you behave responsibly as a tenant and not engage in antisocial behaviour. 

  7. Terms agreed – you must also comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement, whether written or verbal.

  8. Hazardous acts - make sure you do not perform any hazardous acts that would affect your landlord’s insurance premium on the property or that you do not cause the landlord to be in breach of the law. 

  9. Notice period – as well as being simply good manners, you are also required to give proper notice when you plan to end the tenancy and this notice period will always be agreed in advance.

  10. Residential Tenancies Board – by law, all landlords must register their property with the RTB and it is your responsibility to give the landlord the information required to register with the organisation.